Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I love meeting new people though I'd rather spend time with old friends and hope we can share exciting adventures together. 

It's hard to truly capture the essence of me with words.I'm a woman of many hats and many different sides to her. I enjoy my privacy and cultivating myself as a successful woman. 

I'm very in touch with my feminine powers and enjoy sharing that side of myself with genuine companions who can appreciate an erotic companion like me.

I look forward to meeting and making sensual memories with you!


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    Richmond, Virginia, USA

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Physical Attributes

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  • Height:

    5 ft. 4 in.

  • Weight:

    140 lbs.

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  • Bust Size:

    36 C

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  • Catering To:

    Men, Women, and Couples

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  • Hourly Rate:

    200 - 400 USD

Online Profiles


Derryl Hall

Added on February 12, 2018

Jan 23 - Jan 31, 2018 Roxxi provided excellent companionship on my trip to Raleigh NC. When the trip concluded we were already planning our next adventure together. We decided upon her coming to Daytona for the Rolex 24 and from a 5 day visit to an 8 day vacation from her hometown of Richmond VA. I may not be the best travel agent but we managed to get Roxxi down and into an awesome location beachside. Once the hotel issues were settled we decided it was time to get reaquainted before we did anything else. Roxxi is passionate and a genuine provider of the highest caliber. I always feel like I'm number one in her books when we get together. Our days at the races were equally unmatched providing a one of a kind experience on and off the track but more importantly bringing the action with her where ever she went (ask the crowd at the Patron tent). Ultimately the action has to come to an end just like the Rolex 24 and Roxxi and I enjoyed supper together. She dressed fabulously hot and when we returned to the hotel I could not resist and offered a little extra donation for some extra hot Roxxi time. The next morning it was time to leave and we shared a final drink at the airport before she departed for her home. It surely was an abolute pleasure to have her visit my hometown. I am looking forward to the next time she puts Daytona onto her travel agenda. I am certain there are a few guys who got to meet with Roxxi during her visit perhaps some of the folks in Daytona could try to entice her a bit and convince her that she is desparately needed back SOON!!! Of course Roxxi and I are already working on our plans for our next visit. Lets see where the future will take us. Where ever it may be it will always be full of plenty of excitement when Roxxi is around. You are one of a kind babe.
Derryl Hall

Added on December 17, 2017

Nov 27th - Dec 1st, 2017. I've met with Roxxi on several occasions. Each and everytime she has had a fantastic up beat attitude which made each encounter memorable. On this particular occasion I wasn't going to be near her home base in Virginia. I asked if she would travel to my location and she agreed. We made the appropriate arrangements and set it up. On the day of her arrival in town I arranged to get Roxxi and bring her to my hotel and once she was settled in we planned our week. On this occasion we decided we were going to share the hotel room. We enjoyed making full use of the hotel amenities and socials. We went out and explored the local shops and restaurants. But in the evenings we enjoyed each others company. We had fires in the fireplace, candlelit relaxing baths and slow sensual massages but the real fire was always in the bedroom. At night we could curl up in bed in each others arms. This is where I discovered Roxxi is a lovely sleeping companion. Even charming and graceful in her sleep I was ashamed to have to wake her in the morning to let her know I was leaving for the day. She'd get up and in moments was ready to join me for a quick breakfast followed by some aerobics in our room before I had to leave. Occasionally during the day I'd get a text from her if she was going to be occupied or otherwise unavailable for any period of time. That was fine I had plenty of things to work on and there was plenty of space in the room for extra activities. My work week finished and we both knew we'd be going our separate ways soon. I invited her to join me on a small day excursion. As always Roxxi was more than willing to acompany me. So off we went to see and do something new. After a short drive and some adventures along the way we spent an afternoon going through a museum learning new things together and sharing a unique experience for both of us. We had dinner together and I escorted her to her transportation that would take Roxxi back to her home. We both agreed it was a wonderful week filled with MANY MANY wonderful experiences and terrific company so much so we discussed what other encounters we could plan for the upcomming year. All I can say is I'm always looking forward to our next time.
Derryl Hall

Added on September 28, 2017

Dinner and Desert First of all I’ve got to say Roxxi is an absolute one of a kind gem. Well dressed, well spoken and she is genuine and sincere in her desire to ensure that everyone has an excellent time far more beautiful in person than her pictures. For our visit we decided we were going to head out for something to eat, sit relax have a couple of drinks chat a bit. Soon enough supper was over and we took a short walk back to my place. At this point her inner spitfire just took over and out emerged this very sensual and sexy Roxxi. Let me say this…. Ladies do like to be pampered a bit. Roxxi is no exception. It did not take any coaxing to get her interested in enjoying a personal massage. She has wonderful curves which I enjoyed tracing over many time both with my eyes and my hands. After taking care of her she took charge to take care of me. Roxxi has PLENTY of talents in this department and I recommend you reserve a long enough visit to enjoy them all. We enjoyed each others company substantially and ended our evening chatting in bed discussing our plans for our next encounter. She is absolutely delightful in everything she does. Which allows me to end on one of the best points of a visit with Roxxi and that being….. looking forward to next time.
Greg Jones

Added on September 23, 2017

Roxxi is a fabulous lady that pleased me well. She is beautiful with great hygiene and a wonderful personality. Her skills are unbelievable and she is relaxed and does not rush. She makes you feel so good. I would rate her oral talents above anyone I have ever met and after we had sex I couldn't wait to see her again. I wouldn't waste my time with anyone else when I am in Richmond. She is the girl of my dreams. Don't miss out on seeing her and if you have time. the 2 hour option is what I would recommend. Anything shorter and you will find you want more

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